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New Song After all these Years!

2009-10-18 12:33:55 by GnRfreek

Go On...Have a Listen!

It's been a while but I've Got a whole TON of songs to put up here now.

An Albums worth, and it's back to record more in December.

I'm sure everyone is Dying to here the Shoddy Bedroom Recordings ;)

What happend to...

2008-09-01 09:21:55 by GnRfreek

One review in turn for another?

i know the more popular people cant do all that and i dont really know whats the goins on in the flash portal

i suppose either people are too afraid to say "reviews for reviews?" so they dont fucking sound like myspace or some shit

but back when i was a wee Noob i remember surfing without a porfile and seeing a few audio portal submissions (whenever i got round to going on there cuz its not really that popular is it?)

With the people asking for reviews and the response being

you review me

i review you

now where did they go?

or maybe im reviewing the wrong fuckers


rant over


You know

2008-08-21 08:43:31 by GnRfreek

Every single song i recorded with guitar is all improvisation

wonder if i'll get round to writing a song some times soon other than making it up as i go along



New Music!

2008-08-02 18:10:27 by GnRfreek

People of NG!

Some new (and this time slighty more professional) recordings of the musical......."sound" if it can eb called that of Al Chord (aka GnRfreek) and WIll Bourne (aka Your Mum)

its pretty poorly recorded on a PC but hey

at least we like it :

Some Pics of a BC Rich Ironbird

and a Fender Stratocaster Sunburst 94'

The guitars we record with

New Music!

Its been said before

2008-06-26 06:48:33 by GnRfreek

man i might be completly unknown and pretty bad but hey

why is it SO HARD to get a freaking review?

the Audio portal has no constant visitors,i mean the flash portal has a ton of shitty artist getting hate reviews and such

suppose im not the 1st to say that

and not saying give me hate reviews XD

In the mean time, have a funny Guns N' Roses video,least i hope i posted the right code into this bitch

/* */

cant knock a bit of

2008-05-14 17:05:34 by GnRfreek


another silly song posted by unknown crap NG member GnRfreek

bit of an oldy

nice other wise

Ill throw in a pick of me at a motorhad gig a couple of years back /143941

cant knock a bit of